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John's Auto Supply, Smithville Beamsville

A Family Owned & Operated Auto Parts & Service Company, Since 1963!

After immigrating to Canada from Holland at the age of 16, owner John DeHaan was already an accomplished welder and licenced machinist. It didn’t take him long to earn his Mechanic’s Licence and soon he was not only fixing cars in his own shop, but supplying all of the auto parts needed for them as well! 

Today, their modern shop in Smithville provides you with both auto part and auto service as required. Well-equipped with four bays and eight employees, six of which are Class ‘A’ Mechanics with many years of experience, John’s Auto Supply Ltd. works on all vehicles, including agriculture, commercial and RV’s. Should you require parts only, you can visit their other shop, conveniently located on King Street in Beamsville.

What sets John’s Auto Supply apart from the competition is their superior auto knowledge and experience, exceptional customer service, and nationwide warranty program – providing peace-of-mind to all who visit.   

For more information, or to book your next auto service, please contact John’s Auto Supply Ltd. today!

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